Cleveland League Result – Barnard Castle 7 – David Lloyd 2

By | 14/05/2017

The opening match of our first foray into the Cleveland Mixed League started on Sunday 14th May in bright sunshine but a strong breeze blowing from one end of the court. Three pairs play for each team, each pair playing a professional set (first to 10) against each of the opposition pairs. The matches started well for Barnard Castle with the first pair of Sue Hudson and Jonathan Kirk winning 10-8 against the first pair from David Lloyd, Barbara Willis and Scott Patrick winning 10-5 against the second pair and Judy Freeman and Adam Thompson winning 10-2 against the third pair.

Sue and Jonathan won their second match 10-3 against the third pair from David Lloyd, Judy and Adam won 10-7 (from 7-3 down) against their second pair, David Lloyd got their first win of the day with their first pair beating Barbara and Scott 5-10.

This gave Barnard Castle an unassailable 5-1 lead but every set counts as a point in the league so the match continued with Sue and Jonathan winning 10-2 in their final match, Barbara and Scott winning 10-5 but the David Lloyd first pair beat Judy and Adam 4-10.

This gave Barnard Castle a 7-2 Victory.